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american party bomb
2 February
im 17
i say what i think, but not becuase im rude
im honest, but not to hurt people
im accepting
people who are concerned with others appearances, what music they listen too etc. really bug me
i have fun
i go to a private school, but that dosnt make me a snob
i have wonderful friends but not many of them
im difficult to understand, becuase i dont understand myself
i can be hard to get along with because i dont make the effort,
im desperatly trying to change
im friendly and can be a really good friend, but i hardly ever get the chance to show it.
my boyfriend is wonderful
i dont have any amazing talents
im very opinionated, but my views can be changed quickly if someone gives me good reasons.
i love with every part of me
i have a bad temper
i dont think before i speak
i love reading
i love art and artists
i like punk rock, but im not punk
ani difranco is amazing
i like justin timberlake
i like the black eyed peas
i get obsessed with reality tv shows
marilyn monroe is beautiful
i dont like my dad
i talk alot of crap

my journal is friends only, if you add me i will add you back, but if you dont like what i have to say please dont complain to me about it, becuase its my journal im not trying to please anyone

Unwritten Law
"lets smoke some cigarettes and catch up on the back porch, fire up another roach"


* Unwritten Law
* Grinspoon
* Incubus
* Reel Big Fish
* Ani Difranco
* Goldfinger
* Guttermouth


* The Pact (jodi picoult)
* Girl Interrupted (susanna kaysan)
* The Raging Quiet (sherryl jordan)
* The Diary of V (debra kent)

"were you neurotic as a child? did they come around and watch your style?"


* Requiem for a Dream
* Fight Club
* Bowling for Columbine
* Donnie Darko
* Leaving Las Vegas
* White Oleander
* The Rules Of Attraction

"iam bottled fizzy water, and you are shaking me up"